Led by Kavita Sharma, Sharma Law has successfully resolved 1600 cases involving Bay Area real estate matters since 2006. Kavita takes a hands-on approach to each case, giving personalized care and attention to all of her clients. The results are undeniable. These are just some of the cases that Sharma Law has successfully won or settled in litigation:


Won Eviction Lawsuit on Summary Judgment against boyfriend and his niece living in rent-controlled property in San Francisco.


Won at Trial Order of Sale of Residential Property and Reimbursement costs (approximately $300,000) for a client against his co-owners.


Won at Arbitration over $150,000 in damages and injunctive relief for
condominium owner who sued neighbor for nuisance and violation of HOA Rules.


Settled multi-million lawsuit brought by City Attorney against clients for building and safety code violations in a single family home at 1/10th of lawsuit demand.


Settled wrongful eviction lawsuit against landlord clients for 1/10th of tenant’s demand.


Successfully defended 6 cause of action brought by majority co-owner in a TIC (tenancy in common) against a husband and wife co-owners and was awarded all attorney fees incurred at an arbitration.


Won a judgment for $250,000 for commercial landlord who evicted non-paying tenants.


Successfully evicted a tenant who was financially abusing elderly and disabled landlord.

Services We Offer


We keep the peace by resolving complex issues in common interest developments.

Landlord Rights

We represent landlords in conflicts with their residential and commercial tenants.


When property lines are blurred, we bring clarity to thorny neighborhood disputes.


When push comes to shove, we are ready to fight for landlord property rights in court.